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Neurotoxin Facials in Carmel, IN

The Best of Both Worlds


Botox and microneedling treatments are already known as two groundbreaking anti-aging therapies, but recent developments in the cosmetic industry are showing that combining the two practices into one is an effective skin-tightening treatment.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in facial rejuvenation at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa. Dr. Luerssen’s customized Carmel Neurotoxin Facials combine the subtle effectiveness of Botox with the collagen-promoting skin revival of microneedling, bringing your skin to new heights with smoother and firmer results.

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Double Down on Anti-Aging

What is a Neurotoxin Facial?

Neurotoxin Facials are a specially developed beauty rejuvenation therapy offered at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa, combining the anti-aging effects of microneedling and Botox injections to bring various improvements to your facial profile.

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Beyond Beautiful

What are the benefits of Neurotoxin Facials?

Botox and microneedling provide two separate sets of advantages, but combining them in the form of Neurotoxin Facials puts together a laundry list of benefits. From Botox, you can experience the main effects of reducing wrinkles and creases. From the microneedling side, you’ll notice more collagen growth in the skin, which works to repair damage by making your skin heal more effectively. The increased collagen also helps your body continue to perform, keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Improved Facial Contour

Am I a good candidate for a Neurotoxin Facial?

If you want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production, reduce acne or injury scars, or otherwise improve your facial contour, you can benefit from Neurotoxin Facials in Carmel. If you have allergies to products included in botulinum toxin treatment or are pregnant or nursing, Neurotoxin Facials may not be for you. Consult Dr. Luerssen to learn more about your potential as a candidate.

Careful and Thorough

Your Neurotoxin Facial Procedure

As with all of her patients, Dr. Luerssen will give you a careful and thorough rundown of your treatment plan before beginning a session. An hour or so prior to the therapy, a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the treatment area. After you’re numb, your skin is washed and dried.

Stillwater Skin & Med Spa offers Neurotoxin Facials by using a standard microneedling process to make micro-cuts into your skin, then using them as a funnel to inject small amounts of Botox, which gets to work to repair and strengthen the dermis.

Smooth and Steady Recovery

Neurotoxin Facial Recovery

Following treatment, Dr. Luerssen will work with you to establish an aftercare plan to keep your recovery smooth and steady, giving you as much time as possible to enjoy the therapy’s benefits.

After a Neurotoxin Facial Carmel patients may experience two to seven days of moderate skin discomfort, dryness, and flaking, which are pretty standard. Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight, and wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to ensure your skin is protected. You’ll most likely be safe to go to work the day after your session.

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A Topical Tag-Team

Neurotoxin Facial Results

You can expect overall improvements to your skin smoothness and tightness from Botox in about one week. As Botox continues to integrate into your body, your results continue to improve over time. Results from microneedling should also show reductions in wrinkling, scarring, and loose skin within a week.

Neurotoxin Facials don’t give permanent or dramatic results: the topical tag-team gives the best of both worlds, offering great subtlety and effectiveness, but the treatment usually lasts for around one month. After that, you’ll need monthly touch-up appointments to maintain your look.

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Dedicated to your Needs

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Dr. Luerssen is an experienced emergency physician and decorated US Army veteran medical director, making her well-equipped to handle your unique needs. Her careful and calculated method of working with patients to comprehend and map out their goals, then carrying out that plan extends to Neurotoxin Facials just as it does to other anti-aging techniques offered in her clinic. So, schedule your consultation with Stillwater Skin & Med Spa today!

Neurotoxin FacialFrequently Asked Questions

Topical numbing agents are used to mitigate discomfort.

Neurotoxin Facials carry less risk of infection, bruising, or discoloration than other treatments, but these can still occur.

No anesthetics are used, so you can safely go home after your session.

Dr. Luerssen is a renowned physician and Medical Director with numerous awards for her service in the United States Army. With a focus on the patient and an unwavering dedication to bringing out her patients' inner glow, she raises the bar for customer satisfaction. Place your trust in Stillwater Skin & Med Spa and let Dr. Luerssen help you get your glow back! Book your appointment and learn more about our treatment options for clearer, brighter, and more vibrant skin today!

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