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Chemical Peels in Carmel, IN

A One-Stop-Shop for your Skin


When it comes to cosmetic therapies, nothing screams “options” louder than chemical peels: a personalized rejuvenation therapy recognized as the third most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the US, and a one-stop-shop for a variety of different skin enhancements.

At Stillwater Skin & Med Spa, Dr. Emily Luerssen brings her natural eye for beauty to the field of body rejuvenation with Chemical Peels in Carmel. As a result, Carmel patients receive personally-crafted care plans reflective of more than ten years in practice, tailored specifically to you.

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Demolish the Damage

What is a Chemical Peel?

Our Carmel Chemical Peels are non-invasive treatments that remove damaged top layers, boost cell turnover, and promote collagen growth for a more radiant, even-toned complexion. By causing controlled harm at a precise depth, the treatment enhances skin structure and gives it a more youthful appearance.

Carmel chemical peel model with brown hair

The Swiss-Army of Peels

What are the benefits of a Chemical Peel?

Acne, acne scars, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, rough skin, UV damage, and fine lines can all be treated with chemical peels—there’s one for just about any of your skin concerns. Chemical Peels can be used on your neck, chest, and backs of your hands, but their primary use is on your face.

Treats a Variety of Problems

Am I a good candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Most people can benefit from a variety of Chemical Peels because they’re able to treat a wide range of problems. An expert provider like Dr. Luerssen can suggest a solution that best addresses your problems and skin type in terms of strength and depth.

Accommodations for your Safety

Your Chemical Peel Procedure

The intensity of your chemical peel will determine how you respond to therapy. In most cases, an anesthetic isn’t needed for light to medium peels. For deeper peels, you might need a local anesthetic, potent oral or IV sedation, and painkillers. Whatever the case, Dr. Luerssen will make accommodations for your comfort and safety during treatment.

The treated area will be washed, and the Chemical Peel solution will be applied to your face. It’ll be kept on for anywhere between a few minutes and an hour. As the solution is applied to your skin, you can experience mild to strong sensations of itching, stinging, or burning, but often your skin is numbed beforehand to prevent any discomfort. Your skin is will be protected with sunscreen afterward.

Expert Aftercare

Chemical Peel Recovery

Only two to four days are needed for light to medium peels to heal, during which your skin may seem burnt or feel dry and sensitive. Deeper peels can cause discomfort for seven to twelve days, and extra redness and flaking might linger for up to three months.

After receiving the Chemical Peel pain control after deeper peels will be individualized, but usually tylenol or nsaids are sufficient. To lower the chance of infection or scarring, don't pick at any peeling or flaking skin and follow Dr. Luerssen’s aftercare recommendations. These recommendations will include wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, avoiding makeup and exercise until peeling stops, and always communicating any questions or concerns to help keep you as safe as possible.

Carmel chemical peel model with brown hair

Improve Tone and Texture

Chemical Peel Results

As the post-peel symptoms fade, you should start to see changes in your skin's tone and texture. Once new collagen grows, your complexion will continue to get better over time. The full benefits—more dramatic improvements to the visual quality of your skin—should become apparent in three months or less.

Length of results from this therapy can vary wildly based on several factors. The most lightweight Chemical Peels can last up to two months, and medium peels tend to range from two to four months, but the strongest peels have been reported to last decades, and sometimes even a lifetime.

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Smoother, Brighter Skin

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Dr. Luerssen, a distinguished physician and decorated US Army Veteran Medical Director, takes great pride in her ability to meet and exceed patient expectations. Her patient-first approach and unwavering dedication to the restoration of natural beauty raise the bar for client satisfaction.

Combining that dedication with years of experience in the field and her extreme passion for instilling confidence and comfort in her clientele makes her an excellent selection for helping bring back radiance to your body. Schedule your Carmel Chemical Peel consultation with Stillwater Skin & Med Spa today!

Chemical PeelFrequently Asked Questions

Every Chemical Peel has a different reported intensity, but Dr. Luerssen goes to great lengths to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Because of the variety of options, costs can vary, but treatments at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa are always customized to fit what you’re looking for.

You will be able to drive yourself home after a skin peel, general anesthesia is not used.

Dr. Luerssen is a renowned physician and Medical Director with numerous awards for her service in the United States Army. With a focus on the patient and an unwavering dedication to bringing out her patients' inner glow, she raises the bar for customer satisfaction. Place your trust in Stillwater Skin & Med Spa and let Dr. Luerssen help you get your glow back! Book your appointment and learn more about our treatment options for clearer, brighter, and more vibrant skin today!

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