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Botox in Carmel, IN

Erase Facial Wrinkles


Botox is a unique neuromodulator that has many uses besides improving aesthetic concerns. It was first made to treat cerebral palsy, excessive sweating, eyelid twitching, lazy eye, chronic migraines, and some types of muscle spasms. Botox Cosmetic, which is made from a botulinum toxin, is meant to relax your facial muscles and soften your overall look by stopping your facial muscles from contracting for a short time. Restore your natural beauty and let Carmel Botox specialist Dr. Emily Luerssen bring your beauty to new heights with Botox by providing you with the best treatment plans to suit your aesthetic objectives.

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Calms the Muscles that
Cause Wrinkles

What is Botox?

Botox—a type of botulinum toxin—is one of the most popular injectable neuromodulators and is known to lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles brought on by recurrent muscle action. It achieves this effect by relaxing the muscles that cause the targeted wrinkles. Additionally, lip lines, neck bands, chin wrinkles, and "bunny lines" on the nose are routinely treated with Botox.

At Stillwater Skin & Med Spa in Carmel Botox is also utilized to perform lip flips, non-surgical eyebrow lifts, and treatments for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Additionally, Dr. Luerssen employs the use of Xeomin and Dysport: two similar products to Botox, but with individual advantages in certain cases, so that she can precisely meet the unique needs of any patient.

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Reduces Dynamic Lines

What are the benefits of Botox?

For reducing dynamic wrinkles and creases brought on by muscle activity, Botox is regarded as the gold standard. In addition, the trove of other major health benefits of Botox include relieving muscle tension, correcting crossed eyes, and stopping migraines. Adding to its list of upsides is the minimal patient downtime and relative quickness with which the treatment is administered, making Botox a well-rounded and widely applicable option for many potential issues.

Versatile and

Am I a good candidate for Botox?

Typically, treatments with Botox are well-tolerated by most patients, and its vast array of uses makes it a great choice for several physical health solutions. However, if you are hypersensitive to botulinum toxin products, have an active infection at the intended treatment site, or currently have a neuromuscular disease, Botox may not be for you. In particular, pregnant individuals are not advised to receive Botox treatment due to the lack of thorough study on its safety.

Your Goals. Our Expertise.
A Beautiful Match.

Your Botox Procedure

The process will begin by consulting Dr. Luerssen to determine the intention of your procedure and address any concerns so that she can develop a plan of action that incorporates every detail of your goals. After your consultation, photos may be taken so you can examine the results of your treatment once it's over. To start the procedure for Botox Carmel patients will have their face cleaned, and Dr. Luerssen will carefully and precisely inject the intended treatment site. Once the injections are complete, usually only taking 15-30 minutes, you can be safely discharged with little to no downtime whatsoever. Any remaining redness or bruising from the procedure can be safely covered with makeup.

Careful, Cooperative Care

Botox Recovery

Recovering from Botox injections is a simple process, requiring only basic guidelines to be followed for a relatively short window. You should avoid rubbing or applying pressure to the treatment site for four hours. Additionally, avoid laying down or bending over, as it may cause unintended pressure or cause the Botox to migrate from the treatment area.

It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. The risk that Botox will migrate from the treatment location before it is fully absorbed rises when circulation increases with exercise. Dr. Luerssen will work carefully and cooperatively with you on your recovery plan so that the process goes by without a hitch.

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Improve Fine Lines Over Time

Botox Results

You can expect to see overall improvements to your treatment site in about two weeks. As Botox continues to integrate into your body, your results continue to improve over time. In order to maintain optimal results, it is recommended to get additional treatments every six months to twelve months.

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Restoration of Natural Beauty

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Dr. Luerssen establishes herself as a top doctor who is unwaveringly committed to the needs of her patients with a patient-centered approach to skin and body medicine, a strong appreciation for the restoration of natural beauty, and a profound understanding of what it takes to be an extraordinary supporting force for clients. Because of her devotion, years of expertise in the industry, and intense love for giving her clients comfort and confidence, she is a great choice to assist in restoring the natural glow to your body. So, schedule your Carmel Botox consultation with Stillwater Skin & Med Spa today!

BotoxFrequently Asked Questions

The benefits of all three injectables are well-documented. Rather than one being better than the others, it instead depends on the treatment site, your prior experience with injectables, allergies, and your doctor's experience.

Botox is a relatively risk-free and effective treatment. Some adverse effects include dry mouth, injection site discomfort, headache, neck pain, and eyesight issues. Rare allergic responses might occur hours or days after therapy. You must seek immediate medical attention if you have a facial, tongue, or pharyngeal enlargement.

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on the patient's facial issues, the amount of Botox required, and their aesthetic goals. Dr. Luerssen collaborates with you to build a personalized plan for anti-aging treatment.

Dr. Luerssen is a renowned physician and Medical Director with numerous awards for her service in the United States Army. With a focus on the patient and an unwavering dedication to bringing out her patients' inner glow, she raises the bar for customer satisfaction. Place your trust in Stillwater Skin & Med Spa and let Dr. Luerssen help you get your glow back! Book your appointment and learn more about our treatment options for clearer, brighter, and more vibrant skin today!

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