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Women’s Wellness in Carmel, IN

Your Inner Strength


You’ve always been able to handle whatever life throws at you — even aging. And yet, there are some women’s health problems that you would rather not have to overcome by toughing them out (like worrying about leaking every time you sneeze!). EmpowerRF by InMode gives Emily Luerssen, MD at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa a full suite of Women’s Wellness treatments in Carmel, IN, to help empower your body to stand up to feminine aging. From urinary stress incontinence to vaginal rejuvenation, these women’s wellness treatments use the power of modern science to restore your ability to live your life on your terms.

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Youthful Energy

What is EmpowerRF?

Developed by InMode, a global leader in energy-based medical devices, EmpowerRF is an exciting and multifaceted treatment platform that uses the power of energy to stimulate and improve cellular health where you need it: from strengthening pelvic floor muscles to restoring lubrication and improving sexual function. At Stillwater Skin & Med Spa, Dr. Luerssen uses EmpowerRF to provide the following treatments: FormaV, Morpheus8V, and VTone.

V for… Versatility

What are the benefits of EmpowerRF women’s wellness treatments?


FormaV uses its radiofrequency energy to provide uniform heat to promote blood circulation and tissue remodeling. It is excellent for relieving aches and pains, as well as improving incontinence and vaginal lubrication.


Morpheus8V harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy to tighten and improve firmness in the vaginal walls, improve urinary stress, urge and mixed incontinence (think no more peeing when you sneeze, laugh, jump or cough!), increase lubrication, and provide a better experience for women during sex.


VTone uses electrical muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor. VTone treatments can improve urinary stress incontinence, give you more stability, and improve your sex life. During your private consultation, Dr. Luerssen will listen to your story and help you determine which treatments best suit your needs.

Under Control

Am I a good candidate for EmpowerRF women’s wellness treatments?

If you want to take control of your body, improve your pelvic strength, and increase your confidence and pleasure in intimate moments, the EmpowerRF suite has treatments that can help you get there. During your one-on-one consultation at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa, Dr. Luerssen will listen to your situation attentively and help you determine which treatments might work best for you. In most cases, healthy women can undergo all of the treatments in the EmpowerRF platform. The treatments are non-surgical, safe, have little to no downtime, and are highly effective. Dr. Luerssen will review your medical history to make sure there are no contraindications that may prevent you from enjoying the benefits of EmpowerRF safely for your Carmel Women's Wellness treatments.

Dedicated to your Care

Your EmpowerRF Procedure


With FormaV, Dr. Luerssen places the applicator within the vaginal canal and then on the labia to apply RF energy to the affected area. This can improve the elasticity of the vagina, tighten loose tissue, and reduce pain during intercourse.


Dr. Luerssen will examine you and determine the appropriate treatment locations, then insert the Morpheus8V wand and precisely apply targeted RF energy to the labia and/or vaginal walls. Due to topical numbing ointment, there is little to no discomfort. You will feel a warming sensation and pressure during treatment.


Dr. Luerssen will gently place the VTone applicator in the appropriate position, where the EMS will stimulate muscle contractions of the pelvic floor. The treatments take 30 minutes or less and are painless. There is no downtime.

Simple, Effective Relief

Women’s Wellness Recovery

Because the EmpowerRF treatments are energy treatments with no incisions, there is little to no downtime following the procedures of the EmbraceRF platform. Following your treatment, you can resume your day.

Carmel womens sexual wellness model with brown hair

You. Stronger.

EmbraceRF Results

EmpowerRF treatments usually follow a protocol of repeat treatments over several visits. However, the collagen and elastin will start to build immediately after your first treatment. By the time your treatment cycle is complete, you should already begin to notice the effects. As collagen and elastin production spreads through the treatment area, these effects will increase over time. Results can last for months or even years after a single treatment cycle. In the case of VTone, just like any workout, you will start to notice the impacts of your procedure in the days after your first treatment. As VTone builds your pelvic floor muscles, you will feel stronger and see a reduction in stress incontinence.

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Feel Well

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You don’t have to let aging affect your agency. Our Carmel Women’s Wellness treatments at Stillwater Skin & Med Spa can give you back the confidence and the control you deserve, so you can keep living your life to the fullest. Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Emily Luerssen today to learn more about EmpowerRF women’s wellness treatments in Carmel.

EmpowerRFFrequently Asked Questions

EmpowerRF treatments are non-surgical energy treatments. You may feel a warm sensation or involuntary muscle contractions, but most patients describe them as painless.

Your cost will depend on your treatment plan: specifically, which treatments you elect to receive and the treatment areas. Dr. Luerssen will give you a detailed estimate before your care begins. At Stillwater Skin & Med Spa, we want to give you the best chance to live your best life. That’s why we partner with Cherry Financing to offer financing plans to qualified patients. That way, you can receive the care you need now and deal with the financials in a way that works for you.

Dr. Luerssen is a renowned physician and Medical Director with numerous awards for her service in the United States Army. With a focus on the patient and an unwavering dedication to bringing out her patients' inner glow, she raises the bar for customer satisfaction. Place your trust in Stillwater Skin & Med Spa and let Dr. Luerssen help you get your glow back! Book your appointment and learn more about our treatment options for clearer, brighter, and more vibrant skin today!

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